Since 1998, VITO is actively involved in new developments in geothermy in Belgium and the Netherlands. Initially, research focused on the use of shallow aquifers in combination with heat pumps for heating applications. In addition, attention was paid to the potential and development of low-temperature energy storage systems (aquifer thermal energy storage, ATES en borehole thermal energy storage, BTES). In 2005, it was decided to start up a spin-off company, Terra Energy, that would continue this work on shallow geothermal systems and applications. VITO now focuses its own research on large-scale energy storage systems on the one hand and deep geothermy for heating and electricity generation on the other hand.

In the field of deep geothermy, VITO has particular experience and knowledge in the development of subsurface system and surface infrastructure. The GEO-team has strong expertise in on-shore exploration (preparation, coordination and follow-up of seismic and drilling campaigns), mapping, petrography and 3D static and dynamic modeling of flow and heat transfer in the subsurface. The energy department of VITO has a strong expertise on demand-and-supply matching, and on heat exchange and heat-to-power transformation technologies.emen, alsook in alle energieoverdracht technologieën.


  • Dynamic modeling of flow and temperature in atypical reservoirs

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